Additional Activities

For more information on each section below please refer to the Special Events Manual. Each section below also has a corresponding section on the Special Event Application Form, please fill in all corresponding sections if they should pertain to your event. 

Parades / Walks / Runs and Relays (PWRR)

Parades / Walks / Runs and Relays that are located within the road right of way, within a park or trail are to fill out the corresponding section on the Special Events Application Form and provide a detailed map of the expected route with an 'X' at a specific location where a barricade is needed. These maps will not be accepted if they are black and white photocopies or contain yellow highlighter as they are illegible.

Walks and runs will be encouraged to use our linear park spaces that are designed to host these activities in various communities.

An event organizer shall not conduct, manage, or participate in any PWRR in violation of, or in any manner contrary to the terms specified in the "Letter of Approval". Breach of any safety-related legislation or policy may result in enforcement action by authorities. This could include termination of the event, charges and/or removal of the offending parties from the event. Any breach of policy or law will affect future PWRR applications.

Any municipal road must be restored to its pre-event condition within 12 hours after completion of the event. If the event organizer fails to restore the area, a cost recovery clean-up fee will be charged to them.

Street / Municipal Parking Lot Closures

Different and separate from a Parade / Walk / Run / Relay, if your event is going to disrupt traffic flow and/or parking, you must fill out the section on the Application form pertaining to street and municipal parking lot closures.

The Street/Municipal Parking Lot Closure Request Section:

  • A required detailed closure map is to be attached to the application.
  • Each barricade is to be marked with an X.
  • Be sure to describe events and activities to take place on a closed roadway or parking lot.
  • Maps will not be accepted if they are black and white photocopies or contain yellow highlighter as they are illegible.  

Police Services shall review to determine whether it will be necessary to deploy an officer to facilitate the orderly movement of traffic or if other traffic management equipment could be utilized (i.e., barricades).


Whether the music is live, recorded or broadcasted, every event is legally obligated to submit licensing fees for the public performance of copyright-protected music. These tariffs that are collected by the Municipality are paid directly to Entandem. To ensure that your organization pays the correct amount for your specific event type and venue, regardless of whether the facility or your organization maintains a full-time license. You must fill in the music section on the application form.

Animal Attractions

Public Health will need to approve any animal attractions that take place during a special event. Please fill out the appropriate section on the application form and provide a detailed map of the event space including the location of where the animal attraction will be taking place, with entrance/exit information, handwashing stations provided or hand sanitizer and dimensions of the enclosure space. 

Amusement Devices & Rides

Amusement devices and rides pertain to anything that entertains people by moving them or causing them to be moved. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bouncy inflatables
  • Roller coasters & go-karts
  • Revolving rides
  • Bungee rides

All amusement ridges and devices in Ontario must be compliant with the Technical Standards and Safety Act and Amusement Devices Regulation 221/01. Fill in the corresponding section on the special events application form and provide the additional documentation with your application package.

  • A copy of the Ontario Amusement Device Permit for the current year.
  • A copy of the TSSA Permits for the current year for each amusement device or ride.
  • An additional certificate of insurance from the company providing the amusement rides in an amount of no less than two (2) million dollars naming the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as additional insured on the policy for the duration of the event.


The Municipality of Chatham-Kent recognizes and acknowledges the direct and indirect economic benefits that film and television production can offer and welcomes commercial and non-commercial film companies to enjoy the many assets that Chatham-Kent has to offer. Report all film and television production activity in Chatham-Kent to the Special Events Coordinator who is dedicated to serving as both your community resource and your internal municipal liaison.

For clarification on whether or not your filming project qualifies, and/or for assistance with filming in general, please contact the Special Events Coordinator at 519-360-1998.


If tents are present at your event, you may be required to contact both the Building Department and the Fire Department for specific requirements.

Building Permit Requirements for Tents

Tents require a building permit and must comply with the Building Code unless the tent or group of tents meets all three of the following criteria:

  • Are not more than 60 m2 in combined ground area,
  • Are not attached to a building and
  • The tent is not constructed closer than 3m to other structures

Tents that meet all the criteria above do not require a building permit and are not required to comply with the Building Code. Tents that do not meet all three of the above criteria, will require a building permit.  Please contact Building Development Services at  or call 519-360-1998 and ask for the Building Department. 


If your event involves any variety of lottery you must comply with all Provincial and Municipal regulations, please contact the licensing department to inquire further. If you have received a lottery licence please provide that number on the application.    

Parks Operating Guidelines

The park operating guidelines for general use pertaining to special events are located in the Special Events Manual. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the green spaces in the community, event venues will be considered on an individual basis depending on the specific needs of each event.

Tecumseh Park Bandshell

If you wish to make use of the bandshell in Tecumseh Park it can be made available for your event, but it must be booked separately from Tecumseh Park.

For further information, no later than one month in advance of your event:
  1. Email or call 519-352-1265.
  2. Leave a message, including your name, proposed event date and contact information. Someone from the Chatham Concert Band will be in contact with you within 3- 5 business days.
  3. Upon approval from the Chatham Concert Band Board, you may be required to:
    • Sign a contract
    • Issue a refundable deposit cheque of $300 (in case of damages)

Temporary Electrical Services

 Temporary power is the responsibility of the Event Organizer and the use of power must be coordinated with the facility or park supervisor to ensure adequate power is available for the type of use required. Fill in the corresponding section on the special events application - noting the ESA Permit Number if required and the type/amount of power required for your event so staff can assist you with these requirements.