Reduced Parent Fees (CWELCC)

The Canada-Wide Early Learning & Child Care (CWELCC) is a five-year plan that includes lowering childcare fees for children under the age of six in licensed childcare programs. The system will also include improving wages and increasing access to quality childcare programs. CWELCC is a five-year plan that is being implemented in stages, to make child care more accessible and affordable.  Fees will reduce throughout the plan.  No eligible fee will be less than $12.00 per day.

Child Cares Opting-In to Participate

All licensed child cares and licensed home cares in Chatham-Kent are participating in the Canada-Wide Early Learning & Child Care System.

Unlicensed child cares and recreational programs are not eligible to participate in CWELCC.

Child Eligibility

Children under the age of six (or who turned six before June 30, 2022) in a licensed childcare program participating in CWELCC, are eligible for fee reductions that will help with the cost of child care.

If your child is in a participating Kindergarten, Family-Age Group or Home Child CWELCC program and turns six they are eligible for a fee reduction until June 30 or the end of the month they turn six. 

If your child is enrolled in a participating School-Age CWELCC program and turns six, they are eligible until the end of the month they turn six.

Reduced Rates for Families

April 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 = 25% reduction

Effective January 1, 2023 = 52.75% reduction

Further reductions will be announced at a later date.  No eligible fee will be less than $12.00 per day.