Sign Permit

​If you run a business, corporation or institution, you'll likely want to advertise and/or identify your business through signage.

If you plan to put up a sign in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, you may need to submit a Sign Permit Application form. It is recommended you review our Sign By-law to determine if your proposed signage requires a permit. All signs are required to comply with the Sign By-law as well as the Ontario Building code, so it is important to review these regulations to be sure you are in compliance at all times prior to any sign installation. The Sign By-law regulates the locations, size and types of signs that are installed throughout our communities. These guidelines ensure all local sign installations are safe, structurally sounds, visually appealing and do not impede visibility. The Municipality does not permit signs in the right-of-way.

The Sign Permit Application can be downloaded below or you can visit Building Development Services during regular business hours. It is recommended that you review the Sign By-law before applying for your permit.

Sign Permit Application

Read the Sign By-law

How do I apply?

To apply for a Sign Permit, submit a signed and completed application, along with the information listed below to Please note, the largest we are able to print is 11" x 17" paper size. Larger drawings will need to be dropped off at Chatham Civic Centre or mailed.

  1. Drawings and specifications showing: 
    • plans of the proposed sign drawn to scale including construction details, supporting framework, footings, foundation, illumination details, height and weight, area, clearance height and elevation in relation to adjacent buildings and the sign type (two copies)
    • materials and specifications (including colours)
    • a site plan showing the proposed location of the sign in relation to the building and the boundaries of the lot upon which it is to be situated and (iv) the size and location of existing signs on the property
  2. If the sign is attached to a wall, plans showing the elevation of the building on which the proposed sign is to be erected, doors, windows and other openings, wall area, location and colour of the proposed sign.
  3. Where a proposed sign will front on a Provincial Highway, a copy of the approval from the Ministry of Transportation.

For questions or more information regarding Sign Permits, please call 519-352-8401 x 3215, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 am.
The permit fee is determined in compliance with the Fee Schedule.

What if my proposed sign does not comply with the regulations of the By-law?

The regulations of the Sign By-law are in place to ensure safety and aesthetics. In some instances, what and how you want to advertise may not comply with the regulations. If the proposed project does not comply with the Sign By-law regulations, you may need to apply for a minor sign variance to meet their needs. Before pursuing a minor variance, it is recommended you speak with a Building Official to see if your application will comply with the Sign By-law and whether or not it will be necessary to apply for a minor variance through the Planning Department.

For more information on signs within our municipality, call 519-360-1998.