Open Burn Permit

​All open-air burns require a permit. This includes agricultural burns and campfires.

Approved Burning Devices

Approved burning device must:

  • Be made from pottery, metal or masonry.
  • Have a firebox that is no larger than 60 centimetres or 24 inches in diameter, located in an area that will not pose a risk for fire spread.
  • Be equipped with an enclosed hearth with a 6-millimetre or ¼" inch mesh screen completely covering the top or a hearth that is enclosed on all sides that has a 6-millimetre or ¼" inch mesh screen completely covering the top. 
  • Be an approved outdoor fireplace.

Small fires that are contained inside an approved burning device do NOT require a permit. For additional information please refer to the Open Burn By-law.

A fire in an approved burning device on any privately owned lands is permitted provided that: 

  • Only clean and dry wood, charcoal or briquettes be burned.
  • It is not located on or near any combustible surface.
  • The fire is controlled in a way that flames and hot embers do not cause a risk of fire to nearby combustible materials.
  • It has an effective barrier to prevent the spread of a fire.

Non-Approved Burning Devices 

Non-approved burning devices require a Recreational Campfire Permit.

Non-approved burning devices include campfires and open fire pits. 

Email the completed application to Customer service will call you for a phone payment, then your permit will be emailed to you.

You can also submit the application and payment by dropping it off at your local municipal centre or mailing it to Customer Service 315 King St. W, PO Box 640 Chatham, ON  N7M 5K8. Your permit will be mailed to you.

Agricultural Open-Air Burns

All agricultural open-air burns require an Agricultural Burn Permit.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of, and fully comply with, the requirements of the Open Burn By-law

Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue will not normally visit your property before granting a permit, however, open burns are regularly called in and an enforcement officer may prohibit any open-burn activity at your property if they believe it to be unsafe. The municipality may also take further enforcement action if you are not complying with the requirements.

For more information about Open Burn Permits, call 519-360-1998 or email