Sidewalk Repair

Make a call and prevent a fall!

If you see a sidewalk hazard (a crack, hole, uneven concrete) call 519-360-1998 or create a service request online anytime!

Report a Problem

What happens after I call or submit my request?

The Public Works Department:

  • Investigates every sidewalk concern in a timely matter.
  • Makes temporary or permanent repairs as soon as possible.
  • Notes when a more permanent repair can be completed.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

Each year our Public Works Department works with our Engineering Department to develop a list of locations where the sidewalk requires replacement rather than a minor repair. The Engineering Department uses this list to develop a plan for the replacement of sidewalks. Based on the amount of money available in the budget set by Council, the work is tendered and carried out by a contractor. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent makes every effort to make the construction zones safe and efficient for the contractor and for the general public.