​Trees enrich our lives in many diverse ways. As a community, we must all do our part to replenish our diminishing tree cover.

Benefits of Planting Trees

Well-maintained and healthy trees act as our "green infrastructure" and supply our Municipality with many benefits. One important benefit is the reduction of stormwater runoff, which reduces the number of pollutants released into our waterways. Other benefits include cleaner air, cooler temperatures, increased property values, and energy savings.

Responsibility of Trees

Our Public Works Department is responsible for trimming and removing dangerous and unsafe trees to ensure the safety of our travellers and citizens. To report a tree on public property that may need to be trimmed or removed, please call 519-360-1998 or email

Trees On Private Property

There is no by-law to govern trees on private property. However, trees that encroach on road allowances may need pruning to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.

Trees Along Municipal Roadways

Our Public Works Department maintains the trees along roadways. The first priority for tree work is to ensure safety along the right-of-way. Trees that are dangerous, damaged or diseased are trimmed or removed. If you discover a municipal tree that is damaged or diseased and requires attention, please call 519-360-1998 or create a service request online anytime!

Report a Problem

Trees Along Hydro Lines

Overgrown trees and plants near power lines and other electrical equipment can become safety hazards or even lead to avoidable outages. Public Works does not prune trees along hydro wires. Please contact your hydro provider with concerns about these trees.

More information on the process for requesting tree service near overhead electrical infrastructure from Entegrus can be found on the Entegrus website.

More information on the process for requesting tree service near overhead electrical infrastructure from Hydro One can be found on the Hydro One website.