Break Open Tickets

​Break open tickets are instant-win lottery tickets, commonly known as "pull tab" or "Nevada" tickets. The Municipality issues licences to eligible organizations to sell break open tickets.

Your organization must be eligible to manage and conduct lottery events. Find out what is required on the Lottery Licence page.


  • ensure your eligibility is current (we renew eligibility every five years)
  • review the Break Open Ticket Information Guide
  • complete the Break Open Ticket Licence Application
  • submit a copy of Gaming Control Act Registration if selling from a third party retail location (ie variety store)
  • submit application and cheque from the lottery trust account for the lottery licence fee (3% of the total value of all prizes)

The Licensing Department will process and issue your licence within ten business days once complete applications are received.

Submitting a Report

Following the expiry of your Break Open Ticket Licence, sale of your last Break Open Ticket, or the issuance of a new licence, your organization must submit a  Break Open Ticket Licence Report  within 30 days of holding the lottery.  Reports can be emailed to or dropped off at any Municipal Office.

Break Open Ticket Licence Report must be submitted with the following:

  • lottery trust account bank statements and copies of cheques for the entire licensed period
  • copies of invoices matched to the corresponding cheque

Request an Amendment

If your organization wishes to extend or add additional deals, you must complete the Break Open Ticket Amendment Form .  When adding additional deals you must submit the licence fee of 3% of the total prize value for the additional deals.

For questions or more information on acquiring a Bingo Licence, call Licensing Services at 519-360-1998.