Pool Enclosure Permit

​A permit is required for the pool enclosure, not the pool. In the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, we have a Pool Enclosure By-Law enforcing the erection and maintenance of enclosures and gates surrounding privately-owned outdoor swimming pools. The swimming pool enclosure must be erected prior to the water being placed into the pool.

How much will the enclosure permit cost?

The Pool Enclosure Permit fee is calculated based on the Fee Schedule.

What is required when applying for a pool enclosure permit?

Submit your completed and signed Pool Enclosure Permit Application along with the information listed below (site plan), to ckbes@chatham-kent.ca. Please note, the largest we are able to print is 11 x 17. Any larger drawings will need to be dropped off at Chatham Civic Centre or mailed.

  • Province distance and location of the swimming pool, deck (if applicable), pump, filter and proposed swimming pool enclosure in relation to all existing property lines and man-made structures located on the property, i.e. decks, sheds, buildings, etc. This plan shall also show any natural or man-made features, which are located closer than 1.22 m (4 ft.) from the exterior of the swimming pool which could facilitate the climbing of the swimming pool enclosure.
  • Location, size and elevation of all gates that provide access through the swimming pool enclosure into the swimming pool area.
  • Type of fencing to be installed, i.e. chain link, pressure-treated wood, etc.
  • Exterior elevations of the swimming pool enclosure.
  • Type and size of all members that comprise the swimming pool enclosure.
  • Dimensions showing the height of the swimming pool enclosure, as well as spacing of all horizontal and vertical members.
  • Details and dimensions show how the swimming pool enclosure is to be anchored to the ground.
  • Location of any main entrances to building or structure, if such structure is part of the proposed enclosure.

For specific information on what is required to erect the enclosure, refer to the Pool Enclosure By-Law or call at 519-352-8401 x 3215, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 am.