Vehicle for Hire

​A vehicle for hire is a motor vehicle that is conveying or available for conveying one or more persons in exchange for a fare, fee or other consideration.

All owners and brokers of vehicles for hire, including cabs, accessible cabs, limousines, private vehicles and accessible vehicles are required to be licensed within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Application Checklists

Vehicle for Hire Drivers:

  • Valid Class G Driver's Licence
  • Proof of one of the following: Canadian Citizenship, Landed Immigrant Status or Work Permit issued by the Government of Canada
  • Birth Certificate (proof of age)
  • Police Record Check from the Municipality in which the application resides (dated no more than 60 days prior to the date of application)
  • Ministry of Transportation Driver Abstract (dated no more than 30 days prior to the date of application)

Vehicle for Hire Owners:

  • Motor Vehicle Permit (Ownership of each vehicle)
  • Certificate of insurance evidencing a policy of insurance to the limit of at least two million dollars
  • Safety Standards Certificate with respect to the vehicle being plated (dated no more than 60 days prior to the date of application)

Fee Schedule

  • ​Vehicle for Hire Driver Licence (annual) - $46.75*
  • ​Owner Licence - per vehicle (annual) - $88.25
  • ​Broker Licence (annual) - $46.75
  • ​Replacement of Owner Plate - $26.00
  • ​Replacement of Driver Licence - $10.25
  • ​Vehicle Broker Affiliation Change - $31.00
  • ​Vehicle Substitution/Replacement - $31.00

* Fee is pro-rated to the renewal date of May 1st

Starting a Private Transportation Company (PTC)

A PTC offers, operates or facilitates prearranged transportation services using a private transportation company platform that receives requests for transportation services from prospective passengers and connects such requests to a PTC Driver. 

If you are currently working or plan on working for a private vehicle for hire company (e.g. U-Ride), all documents, inquiries and fees should be sent through the PTC. The PTC provides the Municipality with a list of all driver's names, driver's documents and applicable fees. No documents or fees should be submitted to the Municipality by the driver unless otherwise specified.

PTC Fees

  • PTC annual fee 1-24 vehicles $1,555.50 
  • PTC annual fee 25-50 vehicles $3,111.00 
  • PTC annual fee 51-100 vehicles $5,703.50
  • PTC annual fee 101 + vehicles $57 per vehicle

For further information, please refer to the Vehicle for Hire By-law.

To receive an application, please contact Licensing Services at or 519-360-1998.