Landscaping items such as blocks, bricks, borders (concrete/plastic/wood), edging, stones and tile are prohibited in all municipal cemeteries. They create obstacles for burials, become abandoned/unmaintained and can present safety concerns. They also increase the cost of grass cutting. 

While landscaping is not allowed, by-laws do allow interment rights holders to install a flower bed.  Flower beds are not to exceed the width of the monument base and can extend up to 12" in front of upright monuments. Flower beds cannot be placed behind monuments. Any planting of shrubs must be pre-approved by the cemetery office. 

As per the cemetery by-laws, crushed stones, tiles, border fences, or cement blocks are not permitted in flower beds on cemetery lots and the cemetery will not be responsible for damage caused to these prohibited items at any time. Beds can be filled with fresh mulch and annuals. Flower beds within the parameters of the by-law do not create maintenance issues. 

This by-law has been in place for many years and signage has been posted clearly indicating what is considered a prohibited item. Should a garden become a hazard, neglected or an obstacle to burial, we will remove it without notice. Additionally, if landscaping materials are damaged during routine cemetery business, or damaged when snow is present because they cannot be seen, the Municipality will not be held responsible. 

A complete list of cemetery by-laws is available at the Municipal Cemetery Office.

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Spring Maintenance

Harsh winters and heavy rainfalls can result in ruts and settled graves that will need to be filled. Seeding and levelling of interment sites occur in the spring and work will commence as weather and ground conditions permit. These areas will be a priority to our staff as the ground dries up and tractors are able to access sections in need of topsoil and seed. 

Dogs in Cemeteries

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the cemetery for the safety of workers and visitors. Any violations of this rule will be reported to P.A.W.R.


Cemetery Operations works hard to keep municipal cemeteries tidy. Interment rights holders and cemetery visitors are reminded that any Christmas/winter floral arrangements, artificial flowers placed on the ground, or wreaths are to be removed by April 1. Any unclaimed items left on lots after April 1 will be removed and discarded to allow access for maintenance equipment and grass-cutting crews because they can become caught in mowers and leave debris throughout the cemetery. Only artificial flowers in monument saddles are permitted.   

Personal items cannot be left on the ground as they become a hazard to visitors and prevent proper maintenance to be completed. The cemetery is not responsible for damage to any items that are left on lots, in accordance with Cemetery By-law 38-2016. The by-law also prohibits benches, statues, posts, wood/metal/glass memorials, borders, fences, stones/tile, artificial flowers/stands/wreaths. Seasonal items are allowed from November 1 through April 1.