Cemetery Information

Chatham-Kent provides the Care and Maintenance of 65 cemeteries including 31 abandoned, 28 inactive and six active for a total of 300 acres. Our cemeteries provide a peaceful setting for quiet remembrance and reflection. Visitors welcome daily sunrise to sunset. 

Chatham-Kent Cemeteries are the primary providers of public multi-optional burial site operations and maintenance within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The cemeteries, operating on a not-for-profit basis, deliver a limited range of services responsive to needs identified by the community.

Bereavement Authority of Ontario Licensee #4659348

Pricing Information

2024 Cemeteries Price List

To ensure your individual needs are met, call 519-360-1998 to request a complete list of cemetery prices or to make an appointment with our Cemetery Coordinator.


Bothwell Cemetery

Dresden Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Maple Leaf Cemetery

Riverview Cemetery

Sherman Cemetery

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is also responsible for over 55 inactive cemetery sites located throughout the municipality. As many of these sites are pioneer cemeteries that have been abandoned over the years, few records are available. However, Chatham-Kent ensures that the properties are maintained under the Funeral, Burial, & Cremation Services Act (2002).

For more information regarding cemeteries in Chatham-Kent, call 519-360-1998 or email ckpch@chatham-kent.ca.


Many people today have a great interest in genealogy. Cemeteries are a major source of information regarding tracing our past ancestry. Learn more about researching your ancestry locally and across Canada with a cemetery record search.

Cemetery Record Search

For further inquiries please email ckpch@chatham-kent.ca

Mausoleum Information

The Maple Leaf / St. Anthony's Mausoleum is located at Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham.

The design of the mausoleum incorporates marble-fronted crypts with both glass and marble-fronted niches. Situated in a park-like setting, it creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. The facility is open by way of secured access to families who have purchased either a crypt or niche in the facility and is open to all others by way of appointment.

Please call us at 519-360-1998 for further questions or to request a private viewing.

Historic/Pioneer Cemeteries

Some of our historic properties are well-known and frequently visited. Whether located adjacent to well-travelled roads or found well off the beaten path, these cemeteries are truly the history of our community and an important link to our past!

Generational Lot Use in Municipal Cemeteries

We can assist you with inquiries regarding generational grave use. If you would like to use heritage lots or allow family/ friends to use your cemetery lots, contact us to learn more about facilitating the process. A complete explanation of requirements to use graves that you do not own or did not purchase can be found in the Interment Rights Policy which is available from the Cemetery Office. Every situation is unique, and you are advised to seek legal advice from a lawyer should you wish to use graves that you did not purchase.

Frequency Asked Questions

Is there a fee for genealogic searches?

No, but we ask for your patience with the process since genealogic searches take time.

How do I find out where a friend or family member is located?

We maintain records for all active cemeteries under our control. Please contact us at 519-360-1998 with your search inquiries.

Can I use a relative's lot that I did not purchase?

Yes, but it requires written permission from the registered interment rights holder (owner of the lot). If the interment rights holder has deceased, the assistance of a lawyer may be required to acquire use of the lot. The Administrative Interment Policy is available from the Cemetery Office and will provide details about using multi-generational lots in a municipal cemetery. 

Is there an annual maintenance charge for any cemetery service?

No. There are no annual charges made for routine care, such as grass cutting, grave levelling or similar. There are nominal charges for shrub planting or removal. Please contact the office at 519-360-1998 for current prices. We may also be able to assist you with other services, such as minor memorial positioning or straightening.  

How are cemetery lots marked?

In the newer sections, number markers made of concrete or polyethylene are used to identify lots.

What are the benefits of pre-arrangement?

Making cemetery arrangements in advance helps you make informed decisions, ensures the current pricing and allows for the best selection. Please contact our Cemetery Coordinator at 519-360-1998 to set up an appointment.

Where can I learn more about cremation?

Contact our Cemetery Coordinator at 519-360-1998 to discuss both traditional interment and cremation.