The Municipality of Chatham-Kent offers many advertising opportunities to assist with marketing and promoting your business or organization.

Businesses, both large and small, can benefit from the areas the municipality has to offer to gain exposure through advertising at more than 50 locations* throughout Chatham-Kent, including recreation and leisure centres, arenas, and other sporting venues. These venues are host to thousands of local and visiting consumers each year, meaning your advertisements are sure to get noticed in a fun and positive environment. Experience the benefits of advertising at the Municipality of Chatham-Kent facilities.

*Where third-party agreements currently exist, the Municipality will work in partnership with community organizations to facilitate advertising arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I advertise?

Advertising locations are throughout both indoor and outdoor facilities around Chatham-Kent that include indoor rinks, ball diamonds, recreation centres, and more.

What can I advertise?

General promotion of your brand, products and services, or corporate messaging.

What are the advertisement rates?

Advertising rates vary depending on location, size and length of advertising.

How are rates determined?

The valuation process took steps using industry-accepted standards and values to initially place a real market value on each asset. Then those same assets and their value were benchmarked and compared to similar assets at other properties across the region and nation to ensure they are accurate from a comparable measurement standard.

Can advertising spaces be shared between two companies?

This would be discussed on an individual basis. We will not sell "half" a space. However, may consider a shared space with predetermined partners.

How often are advertisements updated?

This will vary depending on the area being advertised and the needs of the client. They are outlined in individual adverting packages with each client based on those areas.

Can I book an entire year of advertising?


Who is responsible for creating/developing the advertisements?

We can work with the client to create the ad copy. Additional costs would be incurred based on current rates. Alternatively, sizing can be supplied by the Sponsorship department and the final copy can be supplied by the client. The Municipality reserves the right to final approval of all signage designs to ensure they follow municipal guidelines.

Production costs will be the responsibility of the client and negotiated as part of the agreement.

Bus Shelters and Benches

Over 330,000 riders use Ride CK for their transportation needs.

To advertise on one of the 33 Municipal bus shelters, contact Pattison Outdoor Advertising, 226-260-5060

To advertise on one of the 47 Municipal bus benches, contact Creative Outdoor, 800-661-6088