Tenant Information

Rent Receipts

If you are a current Housing Services tenant, your rent receipt will be mailed on January 30th.

If you are a previous Housing Services tenant and you require a rent receipt, call Chatham-Kent Housing Services at 519-351-1228 x 2145. You will be asked to provide your current address, as well as the address where you would like your rent receipt mailed.

Helpful Information

Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance is a mandatory requirement for Chatham-Kent Housing Services tenants. Tenants can purchase insurance from an insurance provider of their choice, including, but not limited to, SoHo Insurance.


For a list of internal policies relating to Chatham-Kent Housing Services, call 519-351-1228 x 2145.

Social Housing in Chatham-Kent

For a list of non-profits and co-ops that provide Social Housing in Chatham-Kent, visit our Social Housing Providers page.

Paying Rent Options

Online & Telephone Banking

If you are setting up your payment through your online banking portal, you will need to set the payment up under payee Chatham-Kent Housing Services with your seven-digit account code and pay it as you would any other monthly bill. You will need your account number to register, please call Chatham-Kent Housing to obtain it before setting up with your bank. 

Paying Rent Electronically

If your rent is withdrawn electronically monthly or if you have a third party pay your rent on your behalf, your rent payment will continue to be paid for you. If you would like to set up automatic withdrawal, please contact ckhousingservices@chatham-kent.ca to make arrangements.

Paying Rent through a Mail Drop Box

If you live in a building with an onsite Building Attendant and a mail drop box, please place cheque payments in that drop box. 

NO CASH payments are allowed in the mail drop box.

Remember, if you must speak with your Building Attendant, please use the telephone or entryway buzzer system.

Cheques can also be placed in mail drop slots (located at the front entrance) of your nearest Municipal Service Centre locations:

Paying Rent by Mail

You can mail a personal or certified cheque to:

Chatham-Kent Housing Services
P.O. Box 1296, 435 Grand Avenue W
Chatham ON N7M 5R9

DO NOT mail cash.

Please include the tenant's name and address.

Paying Rent in Person

If you choose to pay rent in person using debit, credit, cheque or cash, you can attend any of the Chatham-Kent Municipal Offices nearest you.

Outstanding Arrears

If you have an outstanding balance as either a current or former tenant of any Chatham-Kent Housing properties and need to make arrangements for payment, please contact Geoff Beckett at 519-351-1228 x 4012. Or alternatively by email at geoffb@chatham-kent.ca.


If you have transportation or health concerns that will affect your ability to pay your rent, or you would like to register for an electronic rent payment, please contact our office immediately at 519-351-8573 or email us at ckhousingservices@chatham-kent.ca