Sports Field Rentals

Sports Field Information & Availability

Whether playing a pickup game, participating in a league, or cheering on your team, our sports fields and tennis courts are filled with activity! Opening and closing of our sports fields and their amenities depend on several factors such as weather and the condition of the amenity. For inquiries on renting a sports field or tennis court, please call 519-360-1998 or email

Several of our tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields have lighting which extends your playing time into the evenings all summer long. Occasionally, a power failure will affect the timers on these lights. Please call us at 519-360-1998 if you notice the lights are not coming on and/or turning off at the appropriate times.

See a safety issue or need to report a problem? Please call us at 519-360-1998.

Wet Field Guidelines

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent recognizes the preservation and maintenance of its sports fields to the highest industry standards benefits user groups and preserves our important assets. To preserve these fields and promote their use, we are committed to protecting the fields against non-permitted or unauthorized use. We will not allow play on fields or diamonds when there is visual ponding of water on the surface of the field/diamond and the field is saturated.

The definition of a saturated field is one where the soil cannot absorb any additional moisture, and water runs off the surface or pools on the field. The easiest method to determine if a field is saturated is to walk on the playing surface. If the water is pushed around the foot, then the field is saturated.