New Water or Sanitary Service

​Water Main / Sanitary Sewer Extension

A main extension is required whenever a property within the water / sanitary service zone is developed and that property is not next to a main, or when the existing water main is not adequate to provide the required pressure or flow rate.

Petition for Water / Sanitary Sewer Main Extension

A resident wanting a main extension can ask the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for permission to extend a water / sanitary sewer main using the Petition Form attached to the Water or Sanitary Petition Procedures. Requests require that 50% of the property owners in the proposed project area sign the petition.

The signatures are collected to show interest in finding out how much it will cost to extend a water / sanitary sewer main and to discuss the matter further. The Public Utilities Commission will review the request and provide a preliminary estimate, including a vote to all property owners in the water / sanitary service zone. Our policy requires that a majority of property owners be in favour of the project before administration would recommend that the project proceeds to construction. The majority is considered at 66% of residents in the project area. Therefore, if 66% or greater of the residents vote "yes" for the project and it is approved by Commission, the project will proceed to construction and all residents along the new main will be charged their appropriate assessment.

For more information, please download a copy of the Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Assessment Policy for Un-Serviced Areas or contact Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission at 519-436-0119 or email

Water / Sanitary Sewer Connection Request

Contact Water / Sanitary Connection: PUC Engineering Staff by calling 519-436-0119.

For properties where there is an existing water or sanitary main, you can request a service connection to your property line. To request a new water or sanitary service connection, please fill out and return the CK PUC New Service Connection Application form to Additionally supporting documentation may be required. Please refer to the application for details. If servicing drawings are required, the Checklist for New Service Connection Drawing & Plumbing Drawing form must be completed as well. Please refer to the 'Helpful Links' section below for additional forms that may be required. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

The PUC Engineering Staff must approve a request for new water or sewer connection before any work begins and will indicate any applicable fees that must be paid before any installation work will be started. Upon payment, a connection permit will be issued to permit the new service to be installed from the water or sanitary main to the property line. It is the responsibility of the property owner to install the connection from the property line into the building.  

Procedure for Water Service Installation

For properties with existing homes, the property owners within the water service area are required to obtain two permits before any connections are made to the Municipal Water System. A New Water Service Installation permit from the Chatham-Kent Building Department is required for an inspection on the private waterline. The cost of this permit is $90. As well, A Water Meter Permit from the Chatham-Kent PUC is required to obtain a water meter. A standard residential meter is $270. 

For vacant properties being developed with a residential dwelling, the Building Permit from the Chatham-Kent Building department for the new home will contain these fees. The New Water Installation permit fee ($90) will be charged for the inspection. As well, a Water Certificate Fee ($370) will be charged. This fee includes the standard residential water meter fee of $270 plus a construction water usage fee of $100.

Click on the link for the Water Servicing Installation Procedure which provides information and specifications for the water installation. 

Backflow Prevention

Backflow preventers are mandatory on all water services (urban or rural) which are connected to Chatham–Kent Municipal water. A backflow preventer is to be installed on the outgoing side of the water meter.  For more information, visit our Backflow Prevention Program page.

Water Meter Installation

After the water service is installed, an appointment will be scheduled with Customer Service at Entegrus for installation of the water meter, water meter reading device and activation of the water meter.  The water meter must be accessible and be installed horizontally, by Entegrus, in a location where it can be read from its face.  The water meter must be installed in a location where it is protected from freezing, i.e. full basement, laundry room, closet, under the sink, etc.  Water meters should NOT be located in the crawl space.  Water and/or wastewater charges will apply as soon as the water meter is installed by Entegrus. Please contact Entegrus at 519-352-6300. A water meter must be installed on the drinking water supply before any water is used.

Procedure for Sanitary Service Installation

For properties currently on a septic system, you will be required to decommission your septic system. This will require a permit from the Chatham-Kent Building department visit the Sewer Connection Permit page to find out more details on how to submit your application for a sewer connection. For information on the permit and fees, please contact the Chatham-Kent Building department.

For new homes looking to connect to the sanitary system, you will require a New Service Installation Permit from the Chatham-Kent Building department for the inspection on the private sanitary line. This fee is $90 and is typically included on your Building permit. Please contact the Chatham-Kent Building department for more information. 

Large Water Users

The Chatham-Kent PUC requires applicants of any proposed developments that are considered large volume users (i.e. Greenhouse, Agricultural, Industrial or Large Commercial Developments) to complete the Application for Water Rate-of-Flow Control Systems .

Applications will be reviewed to determine if the local distribution system has appropriate pressure, capacity and will not cause adverse effects to adjacent water customers.  A minimum of four (4) weeks is required from the date of submission to allow time to perform hydraulic modelling analysis. Additional field investigation may be required and may result in extending the minimum required time.

The Chatham-Kent PUC will determine the maximum water flow in L/sec the applicant can draw from the distribution system. The applicant will be required to install a rate-of-flow control valve system set to this maximum flow which will be monitored by the Chatham-Kent PUC.

If the distribution system does not have sufficient supply or capacity, reductions to the original demand requested will be made. Not all distribution systems in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent can provide the requested demand.  If this is the case, the Chatham-Kent PUC will state to the applicant the maximum rate-of-flow approved.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Application forms can be submitted by Fax at 519-352-3432 or by email to

To mail in your application, send to:

Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission, AM/FM Department
325 Grand Avenue East, PO Box 1191
Chatham, ON N7M 5L8

If the Chatham-Kent PUC approves your request or reduced request, the applicant will be required to enter into a formal agreement with the Chatham-Kent PUC.

For more information on large water use, call the CK-PUC AM/FM Department at 519-436-0119 or email