Court Services

Application for Extension of Time to Pay

If you are unable to pay your fine by the due date, you may apply for more time to pay. You can submit an Extension of Time to Pay Form application in person or by email at

The Clerk of the Court will review your extension application and may grant it if good faith payment efforts have been made and the application of extension is not being used to evade payment.

It is your responsibility to call us to inquire if your extension has been granted or denied. 

Reopening Application

If you were convicted without a hearing on a ticket and wish to apply to have the matter reopened by the court, you are required to complete a Reopening Package. If the matter you are applying to be reopened is a parking infraction, you must fill out a Parking Infraction Reopening Application.  At this time you are NOT required to have your affidavit commissioned. You can submit the reopening application in person or by email at

Reopening Facts

  • If you were initially given an Offence Notice (ticket) and you were convicted through no fault of your own, or you did not receive a Notice of Trial or Notice of Early Resolution Meeting, you can apply for a Reopening. You have 15 days after becoming aware of the conviction to apply. 
  • Your file will be reviewed by a Justice of the Peace. The Reopening may or may not be granted. It is your responsibility to call and find out the outcome of your application.
  • If a Reopening is granted, you will receive a new Notice of Trial or Early Resolution Meeting Notice by mail. You must notify us if any address changes. 
  • If the Reopening is denied, the conviction will remain. You have the option to file an appeal - see below for more details on appeals.


A transcript is a typed-written record of the court proceeding to order a transcript, you must fill out a TRANSCRIPT Order Form. Once your order is submitted, you will be contacted by the court to provide you with the required deposit amount. All transcript deposits are non-refundable, and your order will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid in full.

Disclosure Requests

Disclosure is a copy of the officer's notes and/or other important evidence that supports the charge against you. If you requested a Trial (Option #3) you can fill out this Disclosure Request Form. If you requested an Early Resolution Meeting with the Prosecutor (Option #2) you can fill our this Early Resolution Disclosure Request form. Please email your form to Case Management.


Read the Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases. You must fill out and file appeal forms within 30 days of your conviction. Go to the Appeal Court located at 425 Grand Ave West, Chatham or call them at 519-355-2200.

Depending on the type of charge you are appealing, you may need to order transcripts of the court proceeding.


We provide accessibility assistance and services. To request any services you may require to attend court, contact us by email at or telephone at 519-352-8484 before your court date.