Wastewater is the mixture of liquid and solid materials that residents and businesses flush down toilets, and empty down sinks and drains. This material then flows through a network of pipes that make up the sanitary sewer system.

For more information, or for a copy of the WWQMS Operational Plan or Wastewater Facility Reports, please call 519-436-0119 or email ckpuc@chatham-kent.ca.

Why Treat Wastewater?

Treatment of wastewater is an important process that prevents contamination and protects our waterways, drinking water resources and natural water resources.

Staff at the Chatham-Kent PUC are certified with the appropriate certification for each wastewater facility, and receive over 40 hours of training per year in their field, as mandated by the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP). Certified PUC staff conducts over 22,000 tests a year for sewage, to ensure that Chatham-Kent meets or exceeds all provincial standards.

In Chatham-Kent there are:

  • 29,493 sewer connections
  • 533 kilometres of sewers

Wastewater plant locations in Chatham-Kent are as follows:

  • Blenheim Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Dresden  Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Merlin Sewage Lagoon System
  • Mitchell's Bay Sewage Lagoon System
  • Ridgetown Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Tilbury Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Wallaceburg Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Wheatley Water Pollution Control Plant

Wastewater Quality Management System

Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (CK PUC) has documented and implemented a Wastewater Quality Management System (WWQMS).

Operational Plan

The purpose of this Operational Plan is to describe the comprehensive Wastewater Quality Management System (WWQMS) developed and implemented by the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission.

The WWQMS Operational Plan covers the activities and personnel associated with all operational aspects of the wastewater facilities for the CK PUC, identified by the following wastewater plants/works numbers:

  • Blenheim Sewage Treatment Plant - Works No. 120001666
  • Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant - Works No. 110000098
  • Dresden Water Pollution Control Plant - Works No. 110002014
  • Merlin Lagoons - Works No. 110000935
  • Mitchell's Bay Lagoons - Works No. 110002087
  • Ridgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant - Works No. 120002996
  • Tilbury Water Pollution Control Plant - Works No. 120000916
  • Wallaceburg Water Pollution Control Plant - Works No. 110000784
  • Wheatley Water Pollution Control Plant - Wheatley No. 110003246

Wastewater Facility Reports

​Wastewater facility reports are available below by calling the Chatham-Kent PUC Office during regular business hours. Please call 519-436-0119 or email ckpuc@chatham-kent.ca

The following information is available:

  • Reports are given to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent by an accredited lab

  • Reports or records made of the analysis of wastewater samples carried out for Ammonia, Nitrate, TKN, Suspended Solids, Phosphorus, BOD, pH, Alkalinity

  • Approvals and orders or directions under the act that applies to wastewater systems 

Establishing, maintaining and continually improving a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS), is a mandated requirement in Ontario for Owners and Operating Authorities of municipal residential drinking water systems. The Drinking Water and Wastewater Quality Management System Communication and Annual Information Report for 2022 outline a framework for planning, documenting and continually improving the management systems in place to support the production and delivery of safe drinking water.

Wastewater Facility Report Year