Curbside Bulk Item Collection

Chatham-Kent now offers a quarterly bulk item collection service. 

1. Eligibility and Limits

  • Residents can request this service up to seven days before their designated collection date
  • For residential units, there's a limit of three (3) eligible bulk items per quarter.
  • For multi-residential properties (6 or more units), the limit is fifteen (15) bulk items per entire property per quarter.

2. Request Process:

  • Use the Recycle Coach app (available on iOS and Android) or the web app on the Curbside Garbage Collection page.
  • Submit your bulk item collection request through the app at least seven days before your collection date.
  • Municipal Customer Service representatives can assist with scheduling through Recycle Coach.

3. Excess Waste Disposal

Recycle Coach App

Recycle Coach is a user-friendly mobile and web-based application that allows Chatham-Kent residents to conveniently submit bulk collection requests.

  • Download the app from your preferred app store.

   Download the Recycle Coach App on the Apple App Store

 Download the recycle coach app on the google playstore

  • Input your address to access collection information.
  • The app provides reminders for collection dates, bulk item scheduling, recycling guidelines, and more.