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Traffic Rules & Road Closure Permit

Filming Vehicles & Stopping Traffic

  • Production vehicles must follow traffic regulations unless permission has been granted along with your permit.
  • If you do not have a road closure, all moving vehicles must follow the posted speed limits and other traffic regulations unless directed otherwise by a Paid Duty Officer (
  • Intermittent traffic stoppages cannot be more than three to five minutes unless otherwise approved by the film office and must be supervised by a Paid Duty Officer.
  • All trucks must use the Municipal's Truck Routes.

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for Paid Duty Police Officers and Municipal staff to cover, alter, remove or reinstall traffic or street signs.

Film & Production Parking

Production companies are encouraged to maximize parking in private lots before requesting street parking. Contact the Film Office if you need assistance sourcing off-street parking.

  • We do not permit parking in No Stopping or No Parking zones.
  • Production vehicles must not block: fire hydrants, bus stops, pedestrian crossovers, signalized intersections, driveways, accesses, egresses and ingresses, ramps, parking lot entrances, or accessible parking for persons with disabilities.
  • Production vehicles must not park in fire routes or within 9 m of an intersecting street or impede any emergency response vehicle.
  • Any exceptions must be approved by the property owner or be identified when applying for your permit.
  • If you require parking within a Business Improvement Area, parking will be coordinated with the BIA, Chatham-Kent Film Office, and Municipal Parking System. Parking of base camp or technical trucks on main commercial streets is prohibited.
  • To request permission to enter a municipal parking lot, please contact the Film Office with the street address and lot number (if known), number of stalls needed, and the dates and times being requested.  Municipal lots must be restored to their original condition after filming, including clean-up of any garbage or debris.

Temporary Road Closure Permit

You must have a permit if your filming will interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
You will need a Temporary Road Closure Permit if:

  • you will be using a full roadway
  • one full direction of traffic will be blocked for more than three to five minutes

Temporary Road Closure Permit Application

To apply for a temporary road closure permit, you will need to submit the following by email to

  • a completed temporary full road closure permit application at least two weeks before the date of your road closure
  • a detailed plan of the road closure which should include the location of:
    1. applicant-installed signing
    2. barricading
    3. coming
    4. traffic control persons (who must be Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 trained and qualified. If you do not have a traffic control person you must hire Paid Duty Officers to help with the road closure

For general inquiries on temporary road closure permits for filming call 519-360-1998.

After Your Permit Is Approved

Once your permit is approved, you will be given a letter from the film office. This is your permit for the road closure. This letter is also emailed to provide notice to the Ward Councillor, Parking, Transit, Police, EMS, and Ambulance Dispatch.

Things to Know

  • The filming fee covers the administration of the road closure. It does not include the cost of advance warning boards or detour signs. If you require warning boards or detour signs, you will be billed separately after the road closure.
  • Provide proof of $2,000,000 public liability insurance. Name the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as an added insured party with a provision for cross liability, and holding the Municipality of Chatham-Kent harmless from all actions, causes of action, interests, claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses and loss.
  • Notify all property owners and tenants along the closed portion of the road. The letter must be reviewed by Municipal staff before it is distributed and must include a 24-hour contact name and phone number.