Special Needs Services

​The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has partnerships with several agencies that provide resources and services to children with special needs.

Finding Special Needs Services

If you believe your child would benefit from special needs services, please use the Chatham-Kent Child Care and Supports Registry. Follow the prompts to set up an account and open the 'Supports Request' section.  

Once in this section, you are asked to complete a consent form (signed online using your mouse), then simply check off your concerns (behaviour, speech, hearing, etc.) and add in any information detailing your concerns. You will then be given a suggestion of support services from either Children's Treatment Centre, the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit and/or Linck. You will be able to select from these options then click the 'Submit' button to forward a self-referral to the service(s) of your choice. Shortly afterward a representative will contact you to make an appointment.

Agency Information

To learn more information regarding the services these agencies offer, please visit their websites:

CK Recreation offers Inclusive Recreation Camps with year-round programs, special events and services for youth and adults with disabilities. 

Making a Child Care Referral for Child Care Fee Subsidy

Please refer to this Child Care Fee Subsidy Referral Guide for Referring Agencies and Professionals working with clients that are needing a referral for child care fee subsidy.

This Child Care Referral Form can be submitted by a referring agency indicating the special need of your child or a reason for parent/legal guardian cannot care for the child.

The Child Care Fee Subsidy Referral Guide provides information for Referring Agencies and Professionals working with families that my require child care to meet a therapeutic or developmental need, or to assist with a crisis event in the family.

If the family is seeking child care subsidy to assist with the cost of child care, this Child Care Referral Form needs to be completed by a referring professional/agency and submitted to the Child Care & Early Years Division.