Child Care Operators

​The Municipality of Chatham-Kent enters into Purchase of Service Agreements with licensed child care providers, licensed in-home child care agencies and High Five accredited Recreation Programs in order to assist eligible families with their child care costs.

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Child Care Space Expansion

Chatham-Kent has just undergone it's application for childcare expansion with the Ministry of Education.  We were given a target of 315 new spaces to open up from September 2022 to 2026 by the Ministry of Education.

We have already increased our spaces by 162 on December 31, 2022 in the child care sector and we have a new Licensed Home Care Agency that just opened this year which can potentially bring on 25 homes (150 spaces).  We also have a new school build for 49 spaces that will open in September 2024.  In saying that, our expansion space allocation has been met so there will be no funds to support further expansions.

There is a need in our community to accommodate families that need evening and weekend care.  Home Child Care is ready to bring on more providers that offer more flexible working hours.  If you are interested in becoming a licensed home child care provider contact:

  1. Lambton Rural Home Child Care - Sandra Johnston 519-359-6936,
  2. Wee Watch Chatham - Varsha Kulkarni 519-336-7948,

New Child Care Centres

If you are interested in establishing a new child care centre or require licensing information please access the Ministry of Education for child care providers for valuable information and review the Child Care Licensing in Ontario Orientation Package.  Please be aware there will be no funds to support expansions.

Also, please refer to the 2022 Planning and design guidelines for licensed child care centres.

If you have any questions regarding opening a child care centre in Chatham-Kent, please email

General Operating Grant Funding

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent also enters into service contracts with licensed child care providers and licensed in-home child care agencies for the purpose of distributing General Operating Grant funding allocations where funds permit.  Currently we are not granting new service contracts for this purpose.

Funding received must be reconciled on an annual basis in accordance with the Ministry of Education Guidelines.

Existing Agreements

It is a requirement of the service contract to have an existing purchase of service agreement with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

It is necessary to hold a clear and valid licence from the Ministry of Education and to maintain insurance in accordance with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Risk Management requirements.

Visit the Child Care and Early Years Portal for additional templates and resources.