Naming Rights

Naming Rights of a prominent community asset or facility are a proven way for local businesses to elevate their visibility in a positive way.

Naming rights are the highest-level sponsorship and can offer the greatest reach, community recognition and impact on a target audience.
Anytime the asset or facility is mentioned in the community (websites, newspapers, radio, social media. etc.) the name of the corporate partner will be connected to it.

Naming rights entitle a sponsor to integrate and align their business name and brand into a public municipal facility. Each naming rights partnership may include different assets which deliver promotional value and brand recognition (e.g. space for signage on the exterior of a building, or facility name in municipal communications). 

Each naming right has an annual fee and may be combined into a package with additional facility assets to create a greater brand or business profile. All naming rights fees and packages are separate from production costs. Production costs are the expense of the sponsor unless otherwise negotiated, and include any costs associated with design, fabrication and installation of a sponsor's branded profile. 

For more detailed information on our naming rights sponsorship program, email