Water & Wastewater Development Charges

​Development Charges / Part XII Charges are the fees charged to properties within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent for new services and are payable by the property owners upon issuance of a building permit for each dwelling unit, building or structure. The Part XII Charge fees are payable by the property owners as part of the assessing by-law for a new waterline or sanitary sewer project cost. These charges help pay a portion of the cost associated with the new infrastructure and municipal service expansion needed to support growth.

For more information on additional development charges within Chatham-Kent, visit the Municipal Building Development Charges page.

Development Charges Information

The charges in the above document apply to residential development based on the number and type of dwelling units and non-residential development based on non-residential gross floor area, as applicable.

Lands affected include all lands within the geographic area of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the By-law applies whether or not the land or use is exempt from property taxation.

For more information please contact the PUC office: ckpuc@chatham-kent.ca or call 519-360-1998

Below are the Actual 2024 Fees for Residential and Non-Residental Water and Wastewater Development Charges.

Please see the By-law 30-2024 under the Helpful Links below.