Community Housing

Chatham-Kent Housing Services administers programs that provide Chatham-Kent's residents with a variety of affordable housing options.

Our vision is to ensure every person in Chatham-Kent has an affordable, suitable and adequate home that provides the foundation needed to secure employment, raise a family and build a strong community. We've partnered with 13 private non-profit social housing providers and various community agencies to provide supportive services that enable all residents to live independently.

What is Community Housing?

Community housing is government-assisted housing that provides lower-cost rental units to households with low-to-moderate incomes and can include:

  • public housing (owned directly or indirectly by service managers)
  • not-for-profit and cooperative housing
  • rent supplement programs (often in the private market)
  • rural and indigenous housing (owned by Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services)
Rental Options

Applications & Forms

Download and submit your signed, dated and completed applications and forms to

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