Finding Child Care

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​Finding quality child care arrangements can be a challenge. This information will help you determine the best options for both you and your child.

Steps in Finding Child Care

  1. Review the list of Licensed Child Care Locations and review the "Points to Consider" below.
  2. Apply for Child Care by creating an account and applying for child care program through the Chatham-Kent Child Care and Supports Registry.
  3. On the registry check "Yes" I am interested in applying for child care subsidy.
  4. The child care providers will contact you when they have an opening for your child.
  5. Once your child is placed in child care, you will receive a call to begin your subsidy application.

Finding Quality Child Care

Quality child care meets the needs of both you and your child.  The program you choose should help your child grow socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and in language development. A child care program should also have staff who have your child's best interests in mind. They should have training and education as well as kindness and patience when working with young children.

Points to Consider

Writing a list of questions and calling around to child care providers is an important step. Consider these questions:

  • What hours of child care will I need?
  • What's ages does the child care centre I'm looking at take?
  • What are the fees? Can I get subsidy to help with those fees?
  • What payment options do they offer?
  • What type of child care do I want? (centre-based, home-based, etc.)
  • Is the centre/provider's location convenient?
  • Is the child care space clean, bright, safe, and welcoming?
  • Do I get to meet the staff and supervisor and have the policies explained to me?
  • Are the menus up for me to see? Is there a variety of healthy food?
  • Is there a place to play outside?
  • Do I know what qualifications my child's teachers have?
  • Are there special events for my child? Are parent nights available?

It is a good idea to make an appointment to visit the child care provider. Most child care providers will require you to visit before your child starts there.

Being an Effective Child Care Parent

The partnership between your family and your child care provider is important. Make sure you know the provider's policies and what's expected of the parent, such as how to sign in your child for the day.

Check in regularly with your child's caregiver and supervisor. Do not be afraid to ask questions! If needed, schedule a time to talk with your caregiver privately. Keep in mind that adjusting to a new child care situation takes time and effort for everyone to get to know each other.

Being involved in the child care provider's activities such as parent nights will help build relationships with the caregivers and give you a better understanding of your child's day and child care experiences.