Sanitary Sewers

Sanitary sewers carry raw sewage from a property to the local treatment facility, where water is treated and recycled.

Connecting to the Sanitary Sewer System

If a sewer line is available to your property, you may be able to connect to that line. Visit the Sewer Connection Permit page to find out more details on how to submit your application for sewer connection.

Request Sanitary Sewer Construction

Please contact the Public Utilities Commission to request sanitary sewer construction at 519-436-0119.

Storm Sewers

Storm sewers direct stormwater away from your property. This water travels back to our local waterways through a series of drains.

Combined Sewers

Combined sewers carry both sewage and stormwater to the treatment facilities to be treated and recycled.  Combined sewers are no longer constructed; however, were previously the accepted service level many years ago. There are locations in Chatham-Kent where combined sewers still exist. Combined sewers are more costly to operate as the stormwater also goes through the treatment process which is not necessary.

The Municipality is currently involved in sewer separation projects (see useful links - current projects) but it will take many years to totally separate the sewers.

Who is Responsible for Repairs to our Municipal Sewer Systems?

The Public Works Department maintains the portion of the sewer system on municipal property.

You, the property owner, are responsible for the cost of maintaining your connection.

Let us know if you see a storm drain, catch basin or drainage way that isn't working properly by calling 311 or creating a Service Request online.

Report a Problem

Call Before You Clear

Natural gas lines can sometimes unknowingly intersect with sewer lines (known as a "cross bore") beyond the walls of your home. Left undisturbed, cross bores are not an immediate risk. However, they can be dangerous as the equipment used to unclog sewer and septic pipes can easily penetrate a natural gas pipe and lead to the dangerous release of natural gas.

To prevent the risk of a gas leak, contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 for a free on-site sewer safety inspection before you or a plumber attempt to clear a blocked sewer or septic pipe outside the wall of your home.

For additional information on cross bore safety, please visit the Enbridge website.