Traffic Signs & Policies

​There are thousands of road signs throughout the Municipality installed and maintained by our Public Works Department. Public Works also operates the municipally-owned Sign Shop, where most of our signs are manufactured.

Civic Addressing - 911 Signs

For a new or replacement 911 Sign, please contact our Customer Service Team at 519-360-1998 and they can take your information over the phone.

Rural Areas

The Municipality supplies and installs the first 911 sign and post free of charge. After installation, the property owner is responsible for replacing damaged or missing 911 signs and posts for an additional fee.

Traffic / Regulatory Signs

Help to keep our roadways safe - report a missing, broken or defaced traffic sign by calling 519-360-1998 or submitting a service request online. Forward any new sign requests to our Engineering and Transportation Department at 519-360-1998 or email

All-Way Stop Policy

The Engineering and Transportation Division follows a specific process when launching an All-Way Stop Control Warrant Study at an intersection within Chatham-Kent.

A standard questionnaire form is circulated to the individual requesting the installation of an All-Way Stop Control which includes:

  • Information on both the positive and negative effects of the installation of All-Way Stop Control
  • Questions regarding the rationale for the request for an All-Way Stop Control

A standard petition must be circulated by the individual to the owners and/or tenants of all dwelling units within a 120-metre (400-foot) radius of the intersection. This petition must include:

  • A cover letter outlining the reason for the All Way Stop Request Petition
  • Positive and negative effects of the installation of an All-Way Stop Control
  • Signatures from at least sixty percent (60%) of the owners and/or tenants representing dwelling units within 120 metres (400-foot) radius in favour of an All-Way Stop Control
  • Dwelling units next to the intersection must be included in the sixty percent (60%) in favour of an All-Way Stop Control.

An All-Way Stop Control Warrant Study will be undertaken, which includes a traffic study with the data collected applied to the All Way Stop Control Warrants found in the Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 5 (Regulatory Signs).

A report to Council will be presented with recommendations based on the findings of the All Way Stop Control Warrant Study.

For more information about the All-Way Stop Policy, call Engineering and Transportation at 519-360-1998 or email