New Builds

Demand for community housing in Chatham-Kent is at an all-time high.

We are working to increase the number of rental units available in our community. Along with our local community partners, we continue to look for solutions to assist those in need of safe, suitable and affordable homes.

Since 2018, Chatham-Kent, with help from the federal and provincial governments, has put $37.9 million into improving our housing inventory. This initiative has created an additional 173 rental units that are either in progress or have recently been completed, catering to the diverse needs of our community members. These newly constructed residences are strategically positioned across Chatham-Kent and include a range of housing options such as supportive and accessible accommodations, as well as units tailored for seniors, families, and individuals seeking one-bedroom dwellings.

We are committed to securing funding and pioneering innovative programs that continue to increase our supply of affordable housing, with a particular focus on "Net Zero" design principles, ensuring energy efficiency, and creating homes that provide intensive support for those in need.

Keep visiting this page to learn more about new developments and the progress of those currently in the planning and construction stages.

Build Inventory Summary 

To view a printable list of builds on the map below, see our Build Inventory Summary.