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Arts and Culture Gallery Programs
Arts + Culture Gallery Programs

Gallery Programs

Calling all creators! Take a class, attend a workshop, drop in for a talk, or see a film! Discover art-making and learning opportunities to suit your style and interest. For young and old, beginner or advanced, our programs include an array of options that will enrich and enlighten.

We are pleased to offer an online registration service for your convenience. In order to register for a gallery program, you will need to create an account in Arts & Culture Program Registration. Once you have your account set up, please browse through the available programs offered in galleries.​ Need help registering? Please call 519-360-1998 or email

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Kids Programs

Art classes and camps encourage children to explore their imaginations and express their creativity. Programs offer one-of-a-kind art-making experiences and interactive tours of the galleries' exhibitions. Classes are guided by qualified art instructors sure to inspire your children through art.

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Family Programs

Bring the whole family to the gallery for an exhibition tour and hands-on art activity. All are welcome to create, engage and explore!

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Adult Programs

Come and be creative! The Thames Art Gallery offers fun, educational and engaging programming for adults. Art classes are designed for all levels of artists. Learn by qualified and professional art instructors in a fun and supportive environment. From customized tours and workshops to gallery talks and lectures, there's something for everyone.

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School Programs

Want to book a field trip to the Thames Art Gallery located at the Chatham Cultural Centre? Let us help you plan and create a day of cultural education and creative play for your students. Each gallery program can be geared toward any age group. Call 519.360.1998 or email

Art programs are held in Studio Two of the Chatham Cultural Centre with gallery tours included:

  • $30 per student. Full-Day Program (pick two programs)
  • $15 per student. Half-Day Program (pick one program)
*Unable to come visit us? Let us come to you! Adventures delivered straight to your classroom.

Note: Please book clay workshops well in advance and allow three weeks for kiln firing. Thick clay may explode in the kiln and pieces that are not well attached or too thin may chip/fall off.

Making Connections Through Clay*

Squish it, roll it, build it, or carve it! Learn time-tested clay hand-building techniques used by potters all over the world. Inspired by ancient clay cooking pots, storage jars and tea ware, in this workshop - create a coil pot, pinch pot and Kurinuki cup and add some decorative embellishments for fun!

Animals in Clay
View a funny short by the Aardman Animators and learn how the sculptors create characters with feelings and emotions by manipulating clay bringing animal characters and birds to life. Students will shape and hollow out clay forms and properly reattach segments as they construct an animal in clay.

Clay Whistle / Ocarina*
Make music with a Clay Ocarina! This wind instrument belongs to an ancient family of instruments important in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. Shape and hollow a clay ball, add a mouthpiece and blow hole to make a tone. Add more holes in the clay body to create different tones – this exciting activity takes patience and closely following instructions.

Clay Tiles, Pollinators need you! You need pollinators!

One out of every three bites of food is the result of birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals pollinating plants and sustaining our ecosystems! Students will create a simple drawing of a pollinator – Monarch, bee, etc. And then create a clay tile. Draw and shape clay segments and attach them to your tile. Bring your work to life by adding details and pressing a variety of textures into the clay.

Muddy Buddies*

Buddy up Little Muddy Buddies and prepare to get messy! Roll up your sleeves for this workshop and join the Mudworks crew as we dig playing in the clay. Grab a fistful! Squash it, score it, hollow it, roll it out, sculpt it!  Get hands-on, and explore a few cool techniques. We'll show you how and you show us what you and your imagination can make!

Canadian Artist Series: Acrylic Painting
How does art enrich our lives? Analyze an artwork from TAG's permanent collection! How do images influence our ideas and views? Students will create a colour wheel using primary colours and discover how artists use "play" and experimentation with technique as they create an acrylic painting on canvas.

Be a Botanist! Watercolour Painting
The scientist, the student, the collector and the curator, all depend on drawings and paintings of plants. It's your job as the artist to look at, study and emphasize the important characteristics of a plant; detailing characters such as veins, flowers, fruit and seeds. Students will work from examples and experiment with water washes, wet on wet, salting techniques, and wax resist.

Print it! Show your support for pollinators by crafting handmade prints of pollinators which you can show and share!

Create a drawing to transfer onto a soft lino block. Carve the lines with a special tool. Ink your block and print it onto cardstock. Make multiple prints! Or carve into your block again to create a reduction and develop a two-colour print. We use butter-soft linoleum to reduce the possibility of injury from the lino carving tool. Print it! Your choice design theme – design your name, or make a print with the theme of your choice.

Art Maniacs

You are now entering the creative zone! Dip your brushes, pinch a little clay, and get a little messy - come and play! Explore tons of art materials and cool techniques, turn on your imagination, and make amazing artwork! This busy workshop includes painting, drawing, clay and printmaking stations.