Emergency Services Recruitment

EMS Paramedic Recruitment

Medavie EMS has opportunities available for Paramedics, Communication Officers, Flight Paramedics and Flight Nurses who are interested in a rewarding career.

These positions receive a competitive salary, excellent benefits package and an opportunity to further your career path in areas of education, facilitation, leadership and special projects.

Paramedics are hired by Medavie EMS, we recommend contacting the organization directly for further information on their hiring of Paramedics:

Medavie EMS
337 Richmond Street
Chatham, ON  N7M 1PS

Email the general manager at info@memsochathamkent.com

You can review the Medavie EMS website for further information.

Firefighter Recruitment

In order to service Chatham-Kent's population and service area exceeding 2,500 km², the Chatham-Kent Fire Service operates 19 fire stations, 80 pieces of apparatus and 450 front-line staff. 

Probationary Firefighter Recruitment

The Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services Department periodically hires staff for both its full-time and volunteer divisions. The need for hiring results from promotions and retirements within the department. 

The full-time division has specific hiring procedures, requiring testing for physical and agility standards, written tests, as well as an interview process. However, Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services encourages all applicants to consider improving their knowledge and skill levels by attending college-based fire technology programs.

Minimum Requirements

In order to be considered for a career as a Chatham-Kent Firefighter, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age and legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Able to understand and communicate clearly in oral and written English
  • Have a secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent
  • Have a valid first aid certificate and a valid CPR Basic Rescuer Certificate (Level C)
  • Have a valid Class "DZ" driver's license
  • You must possess valid Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) Candidate Testing Service certificates for Stage One, Two and Three to apply to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent; OR NFPA 1001 Level 1 and 2 accredited certification; OR are employed or were previously employed as a volunteer firefighter and grandfathered to NFPA 1001, level 1 & 2; OR are employed or were previously employed as a career firefighter and grandfathered to NFPA 1001, level 1 & 2

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Before applying, you should make certain that being a volunteer firefighter is something that will fit in with your family and other obligations you may have.

Auxiliary Firefighter Training Program

The Chatham-Kent Fire Department utilizes an Auxiliary Firefighter Recruitment and Training process.  This process consists of compiling a list of candidates interested in pursuing a volunteer firefighter position. The number of candidates and frequency of this program are based on the needs of our volunteer stations. Usually, the Auxiliary program is conducted once per year.

The Auxiliary Firefighter program is approximately seven months in duration and consists of 14 training sessions that are attended by all auxiliary candidates and rotated amongst our volunteer stations.  Sessions consist of learning minor to moderate firefighting knowledge and techniques.

Advancement to Volunteer Firefighter

Once an auxiliary candidate has completed the program and if a vacancy is available, the position of Volunteer Firefighter may be offered. This is dependent on the candidate meeting all requirements as outlined in the Eligibility Guidelines and job description.

Pre-Fire Service Training

Any applicant that has NFPA 1001 certification or equivalent is not required to participate in the Auxiliary program. 

How to Apply for Volunteer and Probationary Fire Opportunities

Create an applicant profile by visiting our Municipal Job Board and sign up for Firefighter job alerts in order to be made aware of opportunities as they come up. 

Police Recruitment

The Chatham-Kent Police Service (CKPS) strives to attract, identify and hire the best available candidates and thereby ensure those candidates will contribute to the professionalism of our organization.

The CKPS Recruit Selection Testing is an important component of their selection process as it assists in identifying the best candidates.

For further employment and volunteer information, visit the Chatham-Kent Police Service website.