Parks & Playgrounds

​Chatham-Kent has over 254 hectares (627 acres) and 166 unique locations for play or quiet relaxation. Our parks are a great place to read a book, go for a leisurely stroll or spend time together with family and friends. 

Fit Parks

Fit Parks are set up with a variety of equipment built from high-quality, durable, weatherproof materials. Each station is equipped with easy-to-follow instructions for safe operation, as well as the health benefits of each exercise. Fit Parks promote a wide variety of flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and strength training moves to provide a well-rounded workout for all ages and skill levels.

Park Conditions

Do you have feedback regarding park conditions or safety? Create a Service Request online anytime!

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Park Rules

Preserve and protect our parks by following a few basic rules:

  • Motorized vehicles are to be used only in designated parking areas. Motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, etc. are not to be in parks or municipal open space areas. If you are not sure of the designated areas, call 519-360-1998.
  • "Stoop and Scoop" after your pet.
  • Do not litter.
  • Plants, trees and other vegetation are important to any park. Please do not disturb or damage them.

Picnic Spots 

Summertime is never quite complete without at least experiencing at least one picnic with friends and family at one of our large parks, conservation areas or beaches. Check out our Visit CK website for more information on where you can find the perfect picnic spot!


Whether you're visiting Chatham-Kent or a local, there is nothing quite like a day at the beach! Chatham-Kent features numerous clean, sandy beaches offering plenty of fresh open water, fun for all ages! Check out our Visit CK website for more information on our local beaches. 

Water Sports, Marinas & Boating

Chatham-Kent offers a wide variety of water sports, from canoeing and kayaking on the Wallaceburg Water Trails to waterskiing and scuba diving on the gorgeous waters of Lake Erie. Enjoy the multiple marinas that offer beach-front picnic areas, boat launches and docking facilities. Check out our Visit CK website for more information on local water sports, marinas and boating.