Bulk Water Stations

​Due to the theft of fill hoses, gaskets and adapters over the past few years, there is a requirement for the users of the bulk water stations to provide their own fill hoses as well as any necessary adapters for connection to the bulk water station connection and connection to their tank.


The following is a list of the 12 locations for the bulk water stations. Most have a 3" male camlock fill connections, with the exceptions being Ridgetown and Thamesville having 2" camlock fill connections.

Blenheim - 386 Chatham Street South
Chatham - 665 Irwin Street
Coatsworth - 21462 Coatsworth Road  
Dresden - 165 St. John Street
Eberts - 10328 Brook Line
Grande Pointe - 7106 St. Phillipes Line
Merlin - 120 Erie Street South
Pain Court - 7052 Pain Court Line
Ridgetown - 45 Erie Street North
Thamesville - 20 Victoria Street South
Tilbury - 2773 Rosedale Line *Temporarily closed starting April 29th 
Wallaceburg - 6779 Baseline Road

All Bulk Water Stations have been transferred over to the new tap key system. New and replacement tap keys can be purchased at any Municipal office

Bulk Water Charges

Account deposit: $125.00
Tap Key (including replacements): $20.00
Account deactivation due to unpaid account: $125.00
Account reactivation: $125.00
Bulk water rate: (per cubic metre - times greater than normal rate) @ 2x