Bingo Hall Licence

​Charitable organizations licensed to participate in pooling bingo receive lottery proceeds from regular bingo events that are pooled by licensed charitable organizations at a registered bingo hall/centre in order to equally share the proceeds.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent currently has two pooling bingo halls - Wallaceburg Hometown Bingo and Riverview Gaming Centre. The following information pertains to clubs conducting bingos at either of these halls.

Your organization must be eligible to manage and conduct lottery events. Find out what is required on the Lottery Licence page.

Riverview Gaming Centre

For permit applications, forms, training information and more, please contact

Reports are due monthly and can be emailed to or dropped off at any municipal office along with bank statements, receipts and Automated Funds Transfer (AFT). Click here for a list of due dates.

Wallaceburg Hometown Bingo

To apply, please submit a Charitable Gaming Application .

Reports are due monthly.  Click here for a list of due dates. Complete the Charitable Gaming Report and email it to or drop it off at any Municipal Office along with bank statements and receipts/cancelled cheques.

Year-End Reports

A Year-End Report must be submitted by February 15th following the end of a calendar year. Do not submit bank statements and receipts as the Municipality has already received this with the monthly reports that have been submitted.

For questions or more information on acquiring a Bingo Licence, call Licensing Services at 519-360-1998 or email