Councillor Ward Funding Program

What is the Councillor Ward Funding Program?

The Councillor Ward Funding Program provides each Ward Councillor with $25,000 annually, and the Mayor with $125,000, to apply to projects the Ward Councillor or Mayor believes are priorities within their ward, or in the case of the Mayor, throughout Chatham-Kent.

Where do the funds come from for this program?

In 2022, Council approved a Community Support Agreement with Hydro One, where Hydro One provides funds to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as a host of Hydro One transmission projects. 

The Community Benefit Contribution of $1,000,000 annually for ten years from Hydro One is to be solely used for capital projects for recreation purposes, as well as art and cultural purposes within Chatham-Kent.

Where do I find more information on the program and how do I request funds?

You can find more information on this program on Let's Talk Chatham-Kent.

On that page, you'll find an online application form you can use to apply for funding.

 Visit the Let's Talk page

How long can it take to obtain funds?

Requests are gathered monthly and shared with your Councillor and the Mayor. The Councillors and/or the Mayor will review the request and advise if the request shall move to the internal review. Municipal staff will review the request and provide feedback to the Councillors/Mayor, who will ultimately decide if the request should be funded and in what amount.

Please note that this process can take several weeks.

Can the funds not be used to lower property taxes?

No, per the agreement with Hydro One, the funds can not be used to lower property taxes and can only be used for small capital projects that align with our recreation purposes, as well as art and cultural priorities.