Financial Assistance

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

Use this child care subsidy calculator to determine your estimated monthly parental contribution amount for child care subsidy. Do not include a "$" sign when you enter any number/figures.

Please be aware that this calculation does not include any discounts that a family may be eligible for under the Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Program that started in 2022. A family’s specific circumstances will be discussed at the time of application and any applicable discounts will be explained.

You will need your Notice of Assessment/Reassessment (NOA) to be able to apply for child care subsidy. If you do not have your NOA, please call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.

Please enter the amount as shown on line 23600 from the NOA for the last tax year below for you and your partner if applicable.



Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to apply for financial assistance if:

  • You are living in Chatham-Kent.
  • You have confirmed that a space is available for your child at a licensed child care centre, a home-care provider with a licensed child care agency. or a registered High Five Recreation Program that has a Purchase of Service Agreement with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.
  • You are the child's parent, kinship care, or legal guardian and the child is living with you.
  • You have filed a Federal Tax Return and have a Notice of Assessment from the most recent tax year.
  • You are working and/or attending school.
  • Your child has been referred by a professional who has completed the Child Care Referral Form.  An approved referring agency may be a doctor, nurse practitioner, speech therapist or other early intervention professionals who are currently working with you or your child.
  • The parent's doctor/specialist has submitted a Child Care Referral Form indicating the parent's need for licensed child care.

Steps to Apply for Child Care Subsidy and CK Recreation Camps Subsidy

Note: You cannot apply for Child Care Subsidy until you have been given a space at a licensed child care centre or licensed home care, or are registering for an authorized recreation program. 

  1. When you apply for child care through the Chatham-Kent Child Care and Supports Registry check 'yes' for child care subsidy. (Approved recreation camp providers are not part of the Registry. If applying for an approved recreation camp provider, proceed to Step 3.)  For CK Recreation Camps (ages 4-12 years) visit CK Recreation Camps
  2. Only apply if a child care provider has confirmed that you have a spot at their centre and have a start date.
  3. Create an account, or log in to your existing account, on the Child Care and Early Years Portal.
  4. Once signed into your account, click on the Child Care Fee Subsidy Application. This will launch the online application form for you to complete.  Within the application form, there will be a list of required documents that you must submit.  You will upload the required documents through the portal.  
  5. Once all required documents are received and accepted by our office, you will receive an email from connecting you with the Case Manager assigned to your file. Your Case Manager will schedule an appointment with you to determine your eligibility and complete your application.
  6. Completing the application with a Case Manager involves signing documents and an application appointment.  
Child Care Fee Subsidy Application

Completing the Child Care Subsidy Application

A Case Manager will contact you to schedule the application appointment after we have all of your documents.  Your subsidy will not start until your application is complete and the required documents have been submitted, verified, signed and completed.  You are responsible for paying for child care that you schedule or use before you have your subsidy approval. 

Documents Needed for Child Care Subsidy Applications

This is a general overview of documents that are required for the Child Care Subsidy application.

Your specific circumstances may require a selection of documents listed below. Please refer to your email from for your required documents. Your Child Care Subsidy Application appointment for financial assistance cannot be scheduled until all required documents are received. The full cost of child care is the parent's responsibility until the Child Care Subsidy application is complete.

If your marital status is married/common-law, we require these documents from both adults in the household.

Contract for Child Care Subsidy

At the time of application, annual review or other updates, you will receive a Child Care Subsidy Agreement for your subsidy.  Your case manager will review the agreement and you will be required to sign and return the agreement before the subsidy starts. By signing this contract, you agree to follow the policies of the fee subsidy program. These policies will be reviewed during your subsidy appointment.  

The parental agreement shows the start and end date of the subsidy, your parent rate, and the children for which the subsidy has been approved.  You will also receive a copy of the Child Care Subsidy Agreement Form that is sent to each child care centre you are enrolled at.  The Child Care  Subsidy Agreement Form has specific details about the amount of your parental contribution, the number of days approved, and the end date for your child's placement at that child care location.

You will receive a copy for your records of both forms.  While receiving a subsidy, if the terms of this contract change,  your agreement and approval form will be updated. Please utilize the Parent Handbook as a reference and guide while receiving Child Care Subsidy.