Council Code of Conduct

​The Integrity Commissioner will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the municipal Code of Conduct for Members of Council.

The Integrity Commissioner/ Closed Meeting Investigator will report to Council directly and be responsible for ensuring compliance to The Municipal Code of Conduct for Members of Council and conducting investigations as requested by the Municipality into the actions of Council members in an independent and impartial manner.

Council approved the appointment of an Integrity Commissioner whose responsibilities are as follows:

  • Investigate complaints and alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for Members of Council.
  • Review the Code of Conduct for Members of Council and make recommendations on an annual basis.
  • Serve as an advisor to individual Members of Council in relation to the Code of Conduct and any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing ethical behaviour, and act as a proactive educator for Council, the Civic Administration and the public.
  • Provide reports to Council, summarizing activities.
  • Provide individual investigative reports, as required, which will include background concerning a complaint and recommendations to Municipal Council with respect to a complaint

Separate from the Integrity Commissioner, the Municipality also has a Closed Meeting Investigator who is responsible for investigating public complaints that a meeting held in closed session by Council or one of its Committees did not comply with the topics permitted by the Municipal Act.

The Municipalities Integrity Commissioner and Closed Meeting Investigator is Mary Ellen Bench, Bench Municipal Law & Governance. Mary Ellen was appointed by Council as the Integrity Commissioner. 

To contact Mary Ellen Bench, call 416-409-5607 or email

To learn more, read Mary Ellen Bench's biography here.