Public Works Permit

​Typically, a Public Works Permit is required for any work on, under or within municipal property, placed by someone other than the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. There are three main categories of work:

  • Entrance (Driveway) Permit - required for construction of a new or changing an existing driveway or field entrance
  • Encroachment (Road Occupancy) Permit - required for contractors/homeowners blocking municipal property for private use
  • Right-of-Way (Ditch Enclosure) Permit - required to enclose any part of a roadside ditch

You are not permitted to commence any work in our right-of-way until your approved permit has been issued. Permits may take up to ten (10) business days before being issued.

Application and Fees

A copy of the Public Works Permit application form can be requested from Please complete and submit the completed form along with drawings and specifications showing the proposed location of the work in relation to municipal property. Be sure to include a Traffic Protection Plan, if necessary. A Certificate of Insurance from the contractor completing the work is also required, listing the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as additional insured.

Application forms with the required documents can be emailed to

The 2023 fee associated with obtaining a Public Works Permit is $166.63.

If a curb cut is required, an additional damage deposit of $1,000 is also required. This is refunded after work has been completed and the Municipality has verified no damage to the existing infrastructure has occurred.