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Grandmother mature woman in a respiratory mask communicates with her grandchild through a window. Elderly quarantined, isolated.

RVG COVID-19 Updates

Influenza A Outbreak

  • 6 East

On-Site Rapid Testing

  • All caregivers are to be rapid antigen tested a minimum of three (3) times per week and must wait 15 minutes for results before proceeding into our home. 
  • General visitors and support workers must obtain a rapid test upon arrival or show proof of a negative test from the day prior and must wait 15 minutes for results before proceeding into our home. 
  • Testing is not required for infants under the age of one (1). 
  • Rapid testing is available from 6:00 am - 11:00 pm during weekdays, closed from 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm daily.

Rapid Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the rapid testing area at Riverview Gardens?

Just inside the Robertson Ave entrance.

How do I track my rapid testing?

Caregivers and staff will be given an 'RVG Passport' upon your first rapid test. Please carry your RVG Passport with you and be prepared to show the screeners on your way in.

What if I forget my RVG Passport?

Screeners can look it up on a computer if it's your test date – this may take some time, so please remember to carry your RVG Passport with you.

How do I know if I should be tested?

Were you tested the day before?  If the answer is no, a test is required (until the minimum 2x limit is reached for those fully vaccinated (14 days post 2nd dose).

Can I opt for weekly PCR testing instead of rapid testing?

No, as of March 15, 2021, all long-term care homes must implement rapid testing only. PCR lab testing will only be used to confirm a positive test result on a positive rapid test.

For more rapid testing FAQ's click here!

Please note: this information is subject to change.


  • All individuals ( age 5+) must provide proof of at least two (2) doses of the COVID-19 vaccine upon arrival.
  • Please show electronic or paper proof of COVID-19 vaccine and a piece of identification for verification with every visit. 


Day and Overnight Absences

  • Day social absences are permitted for residents regardless of their COVID-19 vaccine status. 
  • Overnight social absences are permitted for residents regardless of their COVID-19 vaccine status. 
  • Essential, medical, compassionate and palliative absences are permitted.
  • Please continue to follow public health measures such as physical distancing (6 feet apart), hand hygiene and wearing a mask ( as tolerated) , while residents are away from Riverview Gardens.
  • When a resident returns from an absence, they will be actively screened. 
  • A rapid antigen test and PCR test will only be given if a resident returns with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • No isolation is required unless a positive COVID-19 test result is received.

Indoor Visits

  • Four (4) visitors per resident are permitted at a time ( including caregivers and visitors combined). 
  • Those younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • One (1) visitor or caregiver per resident may assist with meals where there is space. If there is no space at the table, the one (1) general visitor/ caregiver can move with resident to the back of the dining room. 
  • One (1) approved caregiver per resident may visit at a time on an outbreak unit or a resident in isolation - visiting in the resident's room only.
  • General visitors are not permitted when the Home is in outbreak status when a unit is in outbreak status or if the resident they are visiting is in isolation.
  •  General visitors and caregivers may remove their mask while visiting in a residents' room when there is no one else present in the room (i.e., staff / roommate).
  • Masks are still required to be worn properly covering nose and mouth outside of the resident's room.
  • General visitors and caregivers may have snacks and beverages that they bring in when visiting in a residents' room when there is no one else present in the room (i.e., staff / roommate).
  • Visits on the main floor ( Pub, Great Room area, King Street area etc.) are not permitted at this time. 
  • Caregivers must wear proper PPE provided by the Home in outbreak units/ resident rooms in outbreak status at all times.

Courtyard Visits

  • Visits must take place at a designated location only.
  • No walking around the Courtyard.
  • Approved caregivers must wear a mask at all times.
  • Residents to wear a mask as tolerated.
  • No visiting with other residents/ caregivers.
  • Only residents are permitted to smoke.
  • Maximum of 30 minutes.

Balcony Visits

  • One (1) resident and one (1) approved caregiver is allowed at a time.
  • Approved caregiver must wear a mask at all times.
  • Residents to wear a mask as tolerated.
  • Maximum of 30 minutes.

End of Life (EOL) Visitors

  • Caregivers and general visitors are allowed EOL visitations regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Up to five (5) EOL visitors are allowed at a time, pending the status of the care unit and charge nurse discretion.
  • All visitors for EOL visitations must perform active screening and rapid testing (per scheduled time) prior to visiting residents with end-of-life care.
  • If an EOL visitor fails screening and/or testing, the visitor is permitted to visit wearing full PPE, restricted to the resident's room and maintains a 2-metre distance from others for the duration of the visit.
  • If an EOL visitor comes to visit after screening hours, the nurse in charge would perform the screening questions with the visitor, and provide the proper PPE
  • EOL visitations must be logged with time-in and time-out.

Please Note:

  • Please switch out your mask for one of ours provided upon entry.  It must be worn properly (covering mouth and nose) at all times.
  • We are requesting two (2) metre distancing in the hallways. 
  • Items may be dropped off at the Robertson Avenue entrance and put on the cart right inside the door. Please label clearly.
  • Any violation of these rules may result in visiting privileges being revoked.
  • Rules are subject to change.

Riverview Gardens Visitor Policy

Caregiver Program

Who can be a caregiver?

  • Caregivers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Each resident may designate four (4) caregivers.
  • A caregiver application must be completed, submitted and approved. The caregiver application can be downloaded below. 
  • Examples of caregivers include family members who provide meaningful connections, a privately hired caregiver, paid companions and translators. 

Caregiver Guidelines

  • New caregivers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 ( 14 days post 2nd dose). 
  • Caregivers may come in daily for any length of time.
  • Caregivers are not required to do any tasks by RVG, but they can do the things they did prior to the pandemic to support the resident. 
  • Caregivers MUST wear a yellow caregiver button when they are onsite so their caregiver status is easily recognized.

Caregiver Screening

  • Caregivers MUST pass screening questions upon entry.
  • Prior to visiting any resident for the first time, RVG will provide training to caregivers to show how to safely provide direct care, including putting on and taking off required PPE and hand hygiene.
  • At least once every month RVG will ask caregivers to verbally agree they have read/re-read our visitor policy.

Please Note

  • RVG is responsible for providing surgical/procedure masks and eye protection ( when in outbreak status).

Riverview Gardens Caregiver Policy

Download the Caregiver Application

Submit Caregiver Applications by mail to:

Riverview Gardens
519 King Street West
Chatham ON N7M 1G8

Please include your return address.

Caregiver Applications may be submitted in person by dropping them off at the screening desk located at the Robertson Avenue entrance.

Need a PCR COVID-19 Test?

Those who are eligible can book a PCR COVID-19 test online at

To confirm your appointment date and time, you will need:

  • A valid green Ontario Health Card.
  • An email address.

If you do not have access to online booking, call 519-436-2556 to schedule an appointment. 

The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located at 10 Grand Avenue West ( located within the 7-11 plaza on the corner of Grand Avenue and St. Clair Street) in Chatham, Ontario. 

What you will need to bring to your appointment:

  • A valid green Ontario health card.
  • List of any current medications, allergies and past health issues. 

For more information or questions about our services call 519-352-4823 or email us at