Highway Adoption Procedure

​The Municipality of Chatham-Kent's Adopt-a-Highway Program is a public service program where volunteers pick up litter along municipal rights-of-way.

Say No To Litter! Adopt-a-Highway! 

This program is a way for environmentally conscious citizens, community organizations, private businesses and industries to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful municipal road system. We appreciate all efforts in cleaning up our municipal roadways.

How to Begin

To ensure public safety, participants must first complete the Adopt-A-Highway Agreement (please contact Public Works for more information). This agreement also includes information about the program.  Participants under 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

Let's Get Started!

To assist with highway clean-up Public Works provides:

  • Orange safety vests (to be returned upon job completion)
  • Trash bags
  • Work gloves
  • "Safety Guidelines for Volunteers" pamphlet and training
  • Road work signs (to be returned upon job completion)
  • Flags (to be returned upon job completion)
  • Traffic cones (to be returned upon job completion)

After Clean-up

  • Leave garbage bags along the side of the road (off the right-of-way). Our Public Works Department will pick them up the following workday.
  • Fill out a Post Clean-up Report. Please email ckpw@chatham-kent.ca for more information.

Recognition of Groups

When an organization or group has cleaned a portion of the road for two consecutive years, Chatham-Kent may decide to acknowledge their efforts by posting a sign including details of the group's name and the stretch of road they are responsible for cleaning.