Community Relations Workers

What are Community Relations Workers?

Community Relations Workers (through Employment and Social Services) work with people to provide housing-focused support.

Who does a Community Relations Worker help?

Community Relations Workers generally work with vulnerable people living in Chatham-Kent who are 18 years of age or older to maintain their housing situation.

Generally, they can work with anyone who is:

  • Meets the LICO (low income) guidelines
  • A resident of Chatham Kent
  • Interested in participating voluntarily
  • Classified as a member of a "vulnerable" population
  • (or is not) affiliated with other programs
  • 18 years old or older housed in some way (not homeless) at the first referral

What does a Community Relations Worker do?

  • Provides support and resources to help address and resolve issues that may put your (or your family's) housing at risk by working with you and your landlord to develop a case plan, assist with landlord negotiation and help navigate critical issues related to your tenancy (such as accessibility, health, affordability, breakdown in employment or relationship status).
  • Helps to access all of the financial supports you may be eligible for through supporting income tax completion, referrals to community agencies and supports, and help complete applications.
  • Provides support to increase your housing success.

How can you connect with a Community Relations Worker?

If you're interested in working with a Community Relations Worker, please call 519-351-8573 or email them at