Wheatley Update December 16

Erie Street North between Talbot Road and Elm Street will re-open to vehicular traffic Monday, December 19.

Fencing has been erected along both sides of the street which has been closed since an explosion in August of last year. It was the last remaining road closure due to the incident.

The street will remain closed to large truck traffic. There will be a pedestrian walkway on the east side of the street.

Buildings along the west side of the block have Prohibited Access by CBO Order.

The east side of the street contains the revised evacuation zone. The zone was recently reduced and there are no longer any single-family residences within that area. See attached map for the current evacuation zone.

For more information contact:

Ryan Brown
Director of Public Works
Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Jim Blake
Communications Officer
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3624