Update - Wheatley & Tilbury Water System and Bottled Water Distribution

As the boil water advisory continues throughout the Wheatley and Tilbury area, the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and CK Public Health have begun to conduct the next round of water testing.

Tests are being conducted within the Wheatley/Tilbury water distribution system, which has approximately 328 kilometres of watermains and serves approximately 8,500 residents. The PUC is supplying this water distribution system through system interconnects with other water systems and hauling bulk water to supplement supplies. Along with ensuring adequate water system has sufficient pressure, there must also be adequate chlorine levels. The water must also be completely free of bacteriological contamination. When these conditions have been met, the boil water advisory can be lifted.

The PUC continues to work to ensure that water is available for everyone and ask that water conservation efforts continue. Water conservation means avoiding water consumption activities such as lawn watering, car washing, filling of hot tubs, and all other non-essential uses of the water supply.

Since September 28th, The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has distributed a total of seven semi-trailer loads of water to the residents of Wheatley and Tilbury, totalling approximately 170,000 litres of drinking water.

Bottled water continues to be available for pick-up in both the Wheatley Arena and Tilbury Arena parking lots. Hours of operation for the pick-up locations are 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm every day until the boil water advisory ends.

We are recommending one or two cases per family per day but understand that some circumstances may require more. We encourage those with vehicles to help neighbours and friends without vehicles to acquire their water. While empty bottle containers can be put out with normal recycling collection, bins are being provided at both arena locations should anyone wish to dispose of them there.

Bottled Water Availability:

When: Until the boil water advisory ends

Hours: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Where: Wheatley Arena (196 Erie St. N.) and Tilbury Arena (49 Bond Ave.)

Why: To ensure easier access to drinking water for those affected by the boil water advisory

We would like to remind everyone that during a boil water advisory, as per CK Public Health guidelines, water is safe to be consumed after bringing it to a rolling boil for one minute.

Up-to-date information about the boil water advisory and Wheatley Water Treatment Plant can be found at www.chatham-kent.ca/waterstatus. The Boil Water Advisory Update Line can be reached by calling 519-436-3250.

For more information contact:

Eric Labadie

Manager, Corporate Communications

Municipality of Chatham-Kent