The Municipality Reminds Dog Owners of Responsibility to Leash Pets

The Municipality’s contracted animal control service, Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAWR) has been receiving numerous complaints about dogs not on leashes, and dog excrement left in parks, sports fields and walkways.

Recently, members of the Municipality’s Licensing Services team and animal control staff visited parks in Blenheim, handing out pamphlets to educate citizens about the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law in Chatham-Kent. This is the first of several educational tours throughout municipal parks scheduled this summer.

The Municipality’s Responsible Animal Ownership By-law states that dog owners are expected to pick up after their pets and sanitarily dispose of their waste right away, using an appropriate trash receptacle.

Ignoring leash laws for dogs can be both costly and dangerous. If dogs are allowed to roam, they can be hit by vehicles, attacked by other animals or frighten/cause harm to others.  When walking dogs off your property your dog must be on a leash.

Myriam Armstrong, Operations Manager at PAWR stated, “The fine associated with dog off leash or not picking up your dog’s excrement is $240. The animal control officers at PAWR have issued many offense notices for both of those by-law infractions in the recent months.”

Councillor Anthony Ceccacci said, “Dog waste takes the pleasure out of outdoor activities and pollutes the environment. Be a responsible pet owner and do your part.”

Media Contact:

Nancy Havens

Manager, Licensing Services

Municipality of Chatham-Kent