Snowplows pulled from roads due to Significant Weather Event

In accordance with the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is declaring a Significant Weather Event at 12:00 pm local time due to forecasted and/or observed weather conditions.

“Near zero visibility due to blowing snow in outlying areas has resulted in snowplows being pulled from service temporarily,” said Ryan Brown, Chatham-Kent Public Works Director. “We will continue to assess the situation.”

Blowing and drifting snow can cause recently cleared roads to become challenging to navigate. Please plan to stay at home wherever possible, or if you must travel, please allow extra time and drive with extra caution,” said Brown.

Chris Case, Chatham-Kent Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, said Police, Fire, and EMS crews are fully involved in extricating victims in several motor vehicle accidents.

“The situation is deteriorating. We’re trying to get people safely out of their vehicles and provide medical assistance. We don’t need anyone to venture onto the roads and create more incidents. Please stay home.”

Today’s winter storm is producing snow mixed with high winds. Snow squalls are making driving conditions extremely dangerous.  The municipality has deployed all resources to clear the roads since early this morning.

Due to regulatory requirements outlining limits for operator hours of work, as well as concerns with poor visibility, there will be a period when roads could be difficult to drive on.

A significant weather event is declared under O. Reg. 239/02: Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways when a municipality is unable to meet its level of service due to safety regulations governing hours of work.

With the severe weather, we ask you to please make way for snowplows.  If you see salters or plows working, please give them space. Do not follow too closely or try to pass.

For more information contact:

Ryan Brown
Director, Public Works

Jim Blake
Communications Officer
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3624