Significant Water Damage at Chatham Civic Centre

Heavy rainfall and a faulty roof drain over the weekend resulted in significant water damage on the first and second floors of the Chatham Municipal Civic Centre. 

Carpets, ceiling tiles, computer and office equipment, and furniture on the west side of the building were damaged beyond repair. Disaster restoration services commenced clean-up on Monday and will be on site until these areas are suitable for operation.

With the exception of the customer service, fire services, and building services staff whose work areas were not impacted by the damage, all other staff have been relocated to remote sites.

Due to the impact of the damage and because the restoration process is ongoing, residents are encouraged to conduct their business by phone or online to the extent possible.

Currently, the Council meeting on Monday, July 10th is still scheduled to be in-person in council chambers but this too may change in the coming days.  

“It’s no secret that the Civic Centre has been in dire need of repair or replacement for some time. This is an aging building and this recent event is yet another example of the need to find a long-term sustainable solution that benefits both the community and municipal staff,” said Mayor Darrin Canniff. “In the interim, the administration is doing everything they can to get things cleaned up and ensure both the safety of the public and their continued access to our services.”

Media Contact:

Eric Labadie

Manager, Corporate Communications

Municipality of Chatham-Kent