Community Engagement for Climate Change Action Plan

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has launched the second online survey to inform the development of the Climate Change Action Plan. In this survey, participants will have a chance to share ideas for actions that should be taken to address flooding, heatwaves, extreme weather, nature and energy costs - the top local climate-related issues facing our community.

As part of the information-gathering phase of the project, a local climate analysis was completed. It found that Chatham-Kent’s climate has become hotter, wetter and wilder over the last several decades and that this trend is projected to continue into the future. With this comes an increased chance of heatwaves, flooding, erosion and extreme weather. Another report found transportation and heating and cooling buildings make up the majority of local energy costs.

“We’re a large Municipality with low population density, and an economy centred on agriculture and manufacturing. We need to drive, we use diesel to power our tractors, and we need to heat and cool our homes and businesses. Energy powers our economy. So we are developing a plan focused on creating local benefits like reducing the local impacts of climate change, enhancing nature and reducing energy-related spending in our community, rather than rigidly focussing on greenhouse gas emissions.” said Gabriel Clarke, Manager, Growth & Sustainability.

In this second survey, participants can review ideas for actions, add their own ideas and vote on those they would like to see implemented.

“No matter where you stand on the topic of climate change, you and your family have more than likely been affected by increases in energy prices, flooding, or heatwaves, and I’m sure you have good ideas about what should be done. So please share them, the plan will be a lot better if you do.” said Mayor Darrin Canniff. 

This input will help reveal what actions the community wants to see included in the climate change action plan document – the final step of the plan development process.

The online survey can be accessed through the “Climate Change Action Plan” project page.

Residents wanting to fill out the survey that may be without access to a computer or the internet are invited to their local Chatham-Kent Public Library branch and use a public access computer or connect their device to the free public Wi-Fi network.

For more questions:

Gabriel Clarke MES, Hons.BA, RPP Candidate
Manager, Growth & Sustainability
Phone: 226-312-2023  x3044