Progress Being Made in Wheatley’s Redevelopment

Marking a big step towards revitalization in Wheatley, Chatham-Kent councillors have approved the purchase of several properties within Wheatley’s evacuation zone. These properties have been deemed unsuitable for redevelopment within the downtown core of Wheatley based on engineering reports from T.L. Watson & Associates and WSP Canada Inc.

The purchase cost is being funded by a $3-million provincial grant given in response to the Wheatley emergency, with the remainder being drawn from a strategic reserve. The properties that have been approved for purchase are:

  • 15 Erie St. N.
  • 19-23 Erie St. N.
  • 27 Erie St. N.
  • 29-33 Erie St. N.
  • 37 Erie St. N.

Negotiations continue for the potential purchase of the remaining properties within the evacuation zone.

“The purchase of these properties brings us one step closer to revitalization in Wheatley,” said Michael Duben, Chatham-Kent Chief Administrative Officer. “Throughout this process, we have seen excellent improvements achieved through cooperation between Wheatley residents, municipal staff, and Provincial agencies. When we look towards Wheatley’s future, the outlook is extremely positive.”

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry provided $280,000 in funding to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to implement local priority projects to enhance emergency preparedness within its communities and prevent petroleum-related emergencies. Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue has used this funding to purchase 1,000 multi-gas monitors that will be available free to residents and businesses of Wheatley later this month. These will be distributed door-to-door for residents within the former evacuation zone and will be available for pick-up at the Wheatley Resource Centre. More information will follow soon.

Council also approved the exploration of a bylaw that would regulate future deep excavations within the urban boundary of Wheatley. This bylaw is being considered based on analysis from experts with the goal of promoting community safety while still allowing for building to take place in Wheatley. The process will include public consultation to gather community and business feedback before a final bylaw is presented to Council for consideration and voting.

Also mentioned in Monday’s report are improvements to the gas scrubber and well control systems, as well as the installation of new fencing surrounding the site to increase public safety and improve the overall visual appeal of the site. If you would like to receive updates on Wheatley, use our subscription form here and select ‘Wheatley’ in the topic field.




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