New History Plaque Program

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is excited to announce that planning for a new initiative with the Chatham-Kent Heritage Network is underway. The Municipality will work collaboratively with this network, which is composed of historical and heritage groups throughout Chatham-Kent, as they come together to work on community wide projects.

“History is important in the role it plays helping create our community's identity. Chatham-Kent has a rich and diverse history that has helped to shape who we are today. It is important we remember and honour the people and events that have contributed to our community's growth and development,” says Lisa Gilbert founder of Chatham-Kent Heritage Network.

The Network is planning a new initiative to place historical plaques throughout the community to commemorate significant people, events, and locations. These plaques will serve as a reminder of Chatham-Kent’s past and the contributions of those who came before us.

By recognizing and commemorating our history, we are ensuring future generations understand and appreciate the legacy of our Chatham-Kent. It is through this understanding of our shared history that we can move together with a commitment to building an inclusive and thriving community in the future.

We want this project to reflect the stories and perspectives of our community, and we encourage everyone to participate in sharing stories with your local historical groups.

Mayor Canniff has allocated funding from his portion of the Councillor’s Ward Funding Program, a program funded by the Hydro One Community Benefit Contribution, where funds can only be used to support recreation, arts and culture. 

"There is great value in understanding the history of our communities, both the triumphs and the struggles, said Mayor Darrin Canniff. Commemorating this history with plaques and markers helps ensure future generations can learn from the past and continue to build upon the progress that has been made. These plaques serve as a reminder of where we have been and as a guidepost for where we must go.”

For more information contact:

Darrin Canniff
Municipality of Chatham-Kent


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Amy Wilcox
Manager, Corporate Initiatives & Communications Officer
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
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