National Dig Safe Flag Raising Month Kicks Off

April is National Dig Safe Flag Raising Month, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about safe digging practices and prevent accidents caused by damaging underground utility lines.

The initiative is led by Dig Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe digging practices across the country.

As we head into the spring digging season, it's important to remember to call 800-400-2255 before any excavation work to ensure that underground utility lines are marked and avoided.

"Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of calling before they dig," said Director or Public Works, Ryan Brown. "Digging without knowing the location of underground utility lines can result in serious accidents, property damage, and costly repairs. By raising awareness about safe digging practices, we can prevent these incidents and keep our communities safe."

"By working together, we can prevent accidents and damages caused by underground utility lines and ensure the safety of our communities."

For more information on safe digging practices, visit What is Dig Safe Month? – Dig Safe.

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