Renovations Program in Chatham-Kent

For the past ten years, Chatham-Kent Housing Services has offered qualified Chatham-Kent homeowners funding for energy improvement or accessibility home repairs. Now, income and house value limits have been increased to keep pace with current economic and real estate market conditions.

Both qualifiers have been increased to the allowable limits under provincial program guidelines. Now households with gross annual incomes of under $80,100 and MPAC-assessed home values under $342,252 may be eligible for forgivable loans or grants for repairs such as replacement doors and windows, upgraded electrical systems, foundations, roofs, HVAC, plumbing and accessibility upgrades.

The program provides a one-time maximum loan of up to $50,000 and accessibility grants of up to $5,000. Loans are forgivable after a period of 10 years without default and 10% of the total loan amount is forgiven after each of the 10 years.

Other program eligibility criteria include:

  • There is not a 2nd lien on the title.
  • All loans over $12,500 will be registered on the title.
  • Mortgage payments are up to date.
  • Property taxes payments are up to date.
  • Central A/C repairs/replacement require a doctor’s note.

“I believe that increasing income and home value limits to the maximum allowable under the program guidelines provide greater opportunities for Chatham-Kent homeowners to be safe and comfortable in their homes. The Renovates Program is an excellent tool to help reduce utility costs, make homes accessible and allow seniors to age in place” said Beth Earley, Program Manager, Housing Services.

For more information or to access a renovation program application visit or call 519-351-8573.

Media Contact:

Beth Earley, Program Manager
Housing Services
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-351-1228 x 2150